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Shoebox Christmas Aotearoa.

Because every kiwi kid deserves a choice Christmas

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Tahi (step one)

Sign up and we'll tell you who to buy for, their age, interests and school. (We won't tell you their name, sorry!)

Rua (step two)

You buy a great present that your kid will love, ideally something that can fit in a shoebox, and wrap it up with love.

Toru (step three)

You drop the present off to their school, or post it, or arrange a Sunday pick up from your local sled driver. Easy as that!

Te mahi
(how it works)

Shoebox Christmas delivers Christmas presents, wrapped in a shoebox, to kids who could do with an extra smile on Christmas Day. We do this by working alongside low decile schools, pre-schools, Women's Refuge, and community organisations.

Ngā pātai (FAQ)

Yes, please plan for this when you sign up. If something happens and you end up not being able to do this, we have a volunteer pick up system in place, but this will be limited and depending on how many volunteers we get signing up, there might not be anyone in your area.

That's a big, long question. Here's a medium length video to try and answer it with.

Please print out the label we've sent to your account when you log in (through the link our Email Elves sent you). Otherwise, our elves can have a really hard time making sure it gets to the right school, and the right kid. And we don't want them to miss out! There's a barcode on the label which is how we ensure it's been delivered.

A regular shoebox size is a good guideline but it doesn't have to be an actual shoebox - anything much bigger takes up a lot of space and is harder to stack. So please stick to the size guidelines if you can.

Good question, there's no hard and fast rule - aim for around $20 - $50 if you can

Each of the areas has a different organisations taking part. If you can't see the schools and groups through the signup form, just ask your regional coordinator.

There aren't many rules about the shoeboxes - just a few guidelines.

Firstly, if your child came with 'interests' then use these as a guide.

Secondly, the present has to be awesome. Aim for around $20 - $40 spent, no food ideally (in case it spoils), remember to put the present in a box so it doesn't get damaged, the wrap the box. If you've got a few little presents inside, you can wrap each present individually inside the bigger box too if you like, up to you! And please remember to not assume anything or be too personal in any note you feel like writing - keep to the standard Merry Christmas messages and wishes please.

There's always a lot to do, and many hands make tall piles of presents 🙂 This year we will need volunteer drivers, Pera will put a call-out for helpers on Facebook if and when he needs them.

Once the volunteer sled drivers are signed up and we have the software systems finished! We'll post it on our Facebook page letting you know once signups open.

DHL in Rongotai, or ask a volunteer to pick it up and drop off there.

The address is: Cnr Freight & Stewart Duff Dr, Rongotai, Wellington 6022.

We want to keep the children as safe as we can,and because you will be dropping the present off directly at the school, we don't think sharing this is appropriate. Each of the schools has a list which they will match the number to child with.

You can email Pera on and he will send you the link for sign up.

Some of the schools have added the number of children they know are starting at the school between now and Christmas, so that they don't go without - please just print out the label and the school will make sure it gets to the right child

Not all of the schools were able to collect the interests for all of the children. If you received one of these children, please check out our Shoebox Christmas shop where we've arranged things by age and gender to help (and the money goes towards helping fund the project costs). Or ask on the Facebook page

The purpose of Shoebox Christmas is to ensure all our tamariki have something to smile about at Christmas. We work with the different organisations and schools to help them make this call themselves. Some of these are whānau who are obviously struggling, some have challenges harder to see on the surface.

Some of our schools will give a gift to all of the children because even if one family at the school can provide their own koha, living in some of these areas brings unique challenges and it is important for these children to know the community has their back. We trust our schools and leaders of these organisations to know our community and the whānau within

Some of the schools put on a whānau event, bringing together their community. Some believe their whānau would benefit more from taking the koha home. We trust our schools to make this decision, they know our community and the whānau within.

As the start of the drop-off window nears, we'll ask you to login and click on a button to confirm you're still taking part. This is because every year there are people who sign up, are matched with a child, and then don't deliver their koha. To avoid this heartache for our children (and stress for our teachers), if you don't click confirm in the two week window it's open for, we'll re-match your child with someone who has. This might seem harsh but if it means we don't have tamariki missing out on Christmas, we're OK with that. We'll email and text you to let you know when this is needed.

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